Cool Shades For The Uber Cool Crowds

Founded by sibling co-founders in 2017, Rocket Eyewear’s launch was inspired by their mother who had a knack for losing her sunglasses every time she went on a holiday. The pair of siblings then decided to make a pair of travel-inspired P3 sunglasses for her which led to the creation of the startup.

Rocket Eyewear

All in all, it took the siblings nine months to perfect the design of their product along with all of the manufacturing and production processes. The company focuses most of its production on just a single design which has lent a hand in making the production process much simpler and seamless as compared to other companies that spread their efforts across various different SKUs.

In particular, Rocket’s sunglasses come in the Raised Asian Fit and Standard European Fit frames.

Thus far, the company has grown tremendously (600% to be precise) between its first and second year of operations. More impressively, their classic eyewear has even reached the shores of over 20 different countries ranging from Malaysia to Brazil to Australia and even the United States.

Rocket Eyewear’s products are stocked at Design Orchard, Gallery & Co., Tanjong Beach Club, and more! Along with those, they are also available for purchase at COMO Hotels and Four Seasons at their properties in Bali, Phuket, Maldives, and Turks and Caicos.