DF Automation & Robotics

At its core, DF Automation & Robotics is a tech company (and a relatively new one at that) which specialises in designing, manufacturing, marketing, and continually making strides to improve a myriad of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) for industrial and commercial use.

The tech startup was founded by a lecturer along with a few of his students and is based in Johor in Malaysia.

A Malaysian Automation And Robotics Startup

As an aside, AGVs are basically industrial mobile robots that can move autonomously while carrying heavy loads. An AGV is powered by DC Motors as well as equipped with a smorgasbord of electronic components like sensors, motor driver, a computer, and batteries. The body typically comprises a steel or stainless steel frame to allow it to be used in harsher environments.

Another vital point in the make up of AGVs is the software behind the robot — this is where DF Automation comes in. The team has developed its own software called NavWiz (Navigation Wizard) which acts as the “brain” of the AGVs.

DF’s customers mostly comprise of clients from the electronic manufacturing industry where AGVs are traditionally used to transfer loads from warehouses to production lines or vice versa. As well, the company does also have a foot in the F&B industry where smaller units may be utilised to deliver food to customers. 

As for the competition, the company is always fending off similar manufacturers based in China that provide cheaper AGVs with fewer features, as well as competition from more premium AGV makers in Japan, Denmark, and the United States.

The team at DF Automation builds and develops each of their AGVs from scratch. Their NavWiz software, in particular, took nearly three years to build and develop. But from that experience, the team is now able to produce a new, simple AGV model in merely three months, while more complicated AGVs could take up to six months to produce.