Epic Quest Line Compendium

This Compendium is a high level overview of all the epic quests available to date.  I will be adding overtime detailed walk-through’s and video logs of each quest.  So check back for future updates.


As you journey through Middle-Earth, your character shall have the opportunity to become a hero of Middle-Earth as you aid both the Fellowship and the Free Peoples with what is called the”Epic” quest line. This story is interwoven with J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic fantasy, both working alongside it – in a story created specifically for The Lord of the Rings Online – and crossing-over into it at important or interesting moments. After completing the first eight books of Volume 1, you will be granted the title A Light from the Shadow. Completing all Volume 1 books up to and including Book 15 will grant you the title Bearer of Hope. By finishing the first six books of Volume 2, the title Avenger of Khazad-dûm shall be awarded to you. Completing all of Volume 2 (up to and including Book 9) shall reward you with the title Stalwart against the Shadow.
Epic Introduction
Learn whether you have what it takes to become a hero of your race.

Volume I – The Shadows of Angmar
Assist your homeland as dark forces threaten.
Book I – Stirrings in the Darkness
Help the Rangers protect Bree-land, as one of their own is turned against them.
Book II – The Red Maid
Assist Radagast the Brown in the Lone-lands.
Book III – The Council of the North
Aid Men, Elves and Dwarves in the North Downs so they can gather for a council.
Book IV – Chasing Shadows
Search for the missing Black Rider in the Trollshaws with the help of the sons of Elrond, then assist Legolas in finding the source of the uncovered evil.
Book V – The Last Refuge
Venture into the Misty Mountains and search for Skorgrím and the Black Rider with the assistance of Gloin and Gimli.
Book VI – The Fires in the North
Uncover the secrets of Angmar’s dreaded Watching Stones with the help of a Ranger in Aughaire.
Note: Completing this book will allow you to pass through Rammas Deluon [0.6S, 29.8W] without being instantly defeated.
Book VII – The Hidden Hope
Find the hidden Ranger refuge in northern Angmar and assist them in rescuing Golodir.
Note: Completing this book will get you the key to the gates of Carn Dûm.
Book VIII – The Scourge of the North
Rekindle Golodir’s hope and help him in an attempt to defeat Mordirith, the steward of Angmar in Carn Dûm.
Book IX – The Shores of Evendim
Uncover more about the mysterious Sara Oakheart while venturing to Barad Gúlaran.
Book X – The City of the Kings
Help the Dunedain in the battle for Annúminas against the Angmarim.
Book XI – Prisoner of the Free Peoples
Explore Tâl Bruinen in the Trollshaws while searching for Narchuil, the ring of Amarthiel.
Book XII – The Ashen Wastes
Rescue Laerdan and continue the search for Narchuil.
Book XIII – Doom of the Last-king
Attempt to locate the missing half of Narchuil in the frozen wastes of Forochel.
Book XIV – The Ring-forges of Eregion
Assist and then pursue Laerdan as he tries to rescue his daughter.
Book XV – Daughter of Strife
Help Narmeleth to prove her purification and to defeat Mordirith and Mordrambor once and for all.
Volume II – Mines of Moria
Assist the Fellowship as they prepare to leave Rivendell in their quest to destroy the One Ring.
Book I – The Walls of Moria
Assist Bósi’s dwarvish expedition to clear the Hollin Gate and gain access to Moria.
Book II – Echoes in the Dark
Help the Iron Garrison expedition establish a first foothold within Moria.
Book III – The Lord of Moria
The dwarves are determined to retake their halls, perhaps too eagerly. They need your assistance.
Book IV – Fire and Water
The orcs strike back.
Book V – Drums in the Deep
Some force has allied itself with the orcs of Moria. Discover who/what it is.
Book VI – The Shadowy Abyss
You have made your way through Moria. The dwarves seek aid from Lothlórien and Galadriel.
Book VII – The Leaves of Lórien
Reunite with the Fellowship of the Ring and help forge an alliance between the Dwarves of Khâzad-dûm and the Elves of Lothlórien.
Book VIII – Scourge of Khazad-dûm
Return to Moria to thwart the evil influence of Dol Guldur.
Book IX – Fortress of the Nazgul
Join the Malledhrim as they prepare to assault Dol Guldur, the fortress of the Nazgul.
Epilogue – Of Elves and Dwarves
Volume III – Allies of the King
Answer the call of Elrond Halfelven.
Book I – Oath of the Rangers
Travel throughout Eriador to gather the Grey Company.
Book II – Ride of the Grey Company
Assist the Rangers on the first leg of their journey south.
Book III – Echoes of the Dead
Discover more about the mysterious dwarf Nár.
Book IV – Rise of Isengard
Travel to Dunland, and uncover the influence of Saruman the Many-Coloured there. Aid the Grey Company in halting Saruman’s advances, ally or do battle with the tribal Dunlendings, and tread the valley of Nan Curunír; where the enemy fortress of Isengard looms.
Book V – The Prince of Rohan
The time has come to part ways with the Grey Company, who must soon begin the next leg of their journey. Your aid, however, is required at the Fords of the Isen: where Prince Théodred of the Mark is preparing to do battle against Saruman’s forces to secure the Gap of Rohan.
Book VI – Mists of Anduin
Seek the wisdom of the Lady Galadriel after experiencing troubling dreams, witness the return of Gandalf, now the White, and ride South past the Great River… towards Rohan.
Book VII – A Fellowship Endangered
The Fellowship of the Ring is in peril. At Galadriel’s behest, you must lead a fellowship of your own to discover their fate.
Book VIII – Into the Riddermark
You must pursue the Uruk-hai (and the Fellowship they endanger) across the plains of Rohan. To do that, you’re going to need a better horse…
Book IX – The Third Marshal
Ride with Éomer, the Third Marshal, to learn what became of the Uruk-hai, and what is to come for Rohan.
Book X – Snows of Wildermore
Investigate why contact has been lost with the region of Wildermore.

• Prior to Vol. III, Book 11 all epic quests are free to all players.
• Access to Books 11-13 requires the purchase of the Helm’s Deep expansion.

Book XI – The Golden Hall
Witness the return of Théoden King and help prepare his people for war against the White Hand.
Book XII – War in the Westemnet
Aid the people of West Rohan as the forces of Saruman ravage the land and treachery is found in unlikely places.
Book XIII – Helm’s Deep
Join the Rohirrim for their final stand at the fortress of the Hornburg, where the fate of Rohan will be decided.

6 thoughts on “Epic Quest Line Compendium

  1. Wow a lot of work to be done 🙂
    If you have any materials for ‘Book III – The Lord of Moria’..I am half way along at the moment and finding it tough to stay on track…


      1. Am doing book: 2 vol: III; The Lord of Moria. Chapter 6: Planning the Wisest Attack am presently wandering around Flaming Depths (I was exploring more of Zelem-melek to get there…trying to get to Redhorn Lodes…don’t know how to get to Nud-Melek! I will get there in the end…until this point I was really enjoying Moria.


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