About Me

the-shireMy name is Iogro Merrybelly of the Harfoots and I bid you a warm welcome to A Hobbits Journey.  This is my story… I was born in the Shire and grew up a farmer by trade though that time has passed as I have been away from my home for longer than I can even remember now.  Many years ago when the Black Riders came looking for my friend Frodo my older brother Toggro and I decided to follow and set off on a journey through Middle-Earth. Though we were separated and lost a year into our journey I have heard great tales of a witty burglar claiming to be making his way to Gondor which I am hopeful this is my brother.   As for myself, I was picked up by a group of Rangers in the North and spent many of my days with them training, learning the lands, and mastering the art of combat.  I have once again set out on a journey to Gondor to find my brother, Frodo and our friends.   One day I hope to see the Shire again, but until then I know my journey through Middle-Earth is not done.

Each week you will get to see something new into the adventurous life i’ve taken.  Maybe a great tale about a journey I’ve experienced, or divulging in a grand story of Lore with The Shirelings Weekly Bugle I post.  Whether a Tolkien fan new or old I hope you enjoy the visit to A Hobbit’s Journey.


Iogro Merrybelly of the Harfoots

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